GTR2 ICON SIMBIN GTR2 and Microsoft Windows. GTR2 ICON

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SIMBIN GTR2 was created and we can verify that it runs smoothly on Microsoft Windows XP, XP service pack 1, XP Service pack 1a, XP Service pack 2 and XP Service pack 3.  We have performed testing to confirm that GTR2 works on Microsoft Windows 7 32 bit.

However, for best results we recommend you follow these steps:

1) Locate where GTR2 is installed.  Look for the GTR2.exe program.

2) Right click the file and choose properties:

3) On the GTR2 Properties box click the Compatibility tab at the top:

4) On this screen place a tick in Run this program in compatibility mode for: and in the box below select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).  Click Apply and OK.  GTR2 will now work just like it did on Windows XP.

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