ClearTech service

Submit item for collection or make an enquiry.


Does my item need to be in working order?

Yes, we do not want items that have faults effecting its use.  Minor cosmetic damage is acceptable.


Does the item need to be mine?

You do not need to prove ownership of the item but we would expect you to have consent to have it disposed of.  We do not want stolen goods.


Does my item need to be complete?

Yes, we need all cables and accessories.  Manuals and boxes are optional.


Do you collect from businesses?

Yes, but we can only collect a few items at a time if they are large.


Can I get my item back after collection?

No, you have agreed to part with it and will be asked to sign to say so on collection.  Once collected the item is owned by us.


What do I need to do when you collect?

Have the item and accessories ready to hand over, we do not uninstall built-in appliances.


Where do you collect from?

Collections are from businesses and residential addresses.  We can collect from central to west Nottinghamshire and east Derbyshire UK.  When you send an enquiry we will confirm if collection is possible.


What about my personal data?

We will remove all personal information from items including personal data. 

We do keep a log of where items have been collected from for security purposes, i.e. we do not want stolen items and if asked by authorities we can prove item origins.  Also, we could return an item in rare situations.


How much will it cost me?

Our services are free, we do not charge anything.  If you post your item you need to pay postage costs.  We do not pay you anything either, so we will not fund postage or pay you for taking the item away.


Can I post my item to you?

Yes, please fill out the form and we will tell you what to do.  You need to pay UK postage costs.


What happens if I send in an enquiry?

The item will be categorised depending what it is and your physical location.  We then aim to email you within 24 hours to confirm if we want the item and to arrange a collection date and time.  If you accept, we then visit collect the item and thatís it.


When do you collect?

Normally this will be evenings and weekends.


Items we donít want?

Old Large back TV's or TVs over 40"

VHS players, VHS tapes, DVD's, CD's etc

Computer printers

Personal health items - electric toothbrushes, shavers, etc

Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, fridges, freezes, hobs

Gas appliances - Hobs, ovens etc

Kettles, toasters, food mixers, blenders etc

Petrol lawn mowers or petrol power tools, work benches, industrial tools

Golf trolleys, electric scooters, electric childrenís toys


What items do we accept?

Computers - Laptops, desktops, tablets, TFT flat screens, ereaders.

Flat screen TV's under 40"

DVD players, writers, Blu-ray players, DTV tuners

Games consoles

Music players - ipods, stereo systems, sound bars

Mobile phones, memory cards

Watches - including smart watches

Digital cameras, camcorders

Sat Nav devices 

Microwaves - built-in or freestanding.

Electric Ovens - built-in only

Extractor hoods

Vacuum cleaners

Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers - electric only

Power tools - electric small hand tools only